Public Shareholders > 1%

  • Company : IIFL Wealth Management Ltd.
  • NSE Symbol : IIFLWAM
  • As on : 30-JUN-2020
Sl.No. Shareholder Name No. of Shares Shareholding as % of
Total Share Capital
1.General atlantic Singapore Fund Pte.Ltd.1,86,19,55021.35
2.Fih Mauritius Investments Ltd.1,20,91,63513.87
3.SmaLLCap World Fund Inc.43,24,4544.96
4.Hwic Asia Fund Class A Shares40,51,7904.65
5.Wf Asian Reconnaissance Fund Ltd.33,67,1823.87
6.Rimco (Mauritius) Ltd.19,94,0002.29
7.Bank Muscat India Fund17,99,7462.06
8.Amit Nitin Shah15,68,4211.80
9.Amansa Holdings Pvt.Ltd.10,92,0001.25