Date of Declaration of Postal Ballot Record Date Closing Date of Postal Ballot Date of Declaration of Outcome Total Number of Shares Resolutions No. of Votes Cast(No. of Votes Cast as % of Total Shares) No. of Valid Votes(No. of Valid Votes as % of No. of Votes Cast) No. of Votes in Favour of Resolution(No. of Votes in Favour of Resolution as % of Total No. of Valid Votes) Resolution Passed/Failed? Link to Details
21-JUN-201222-JUN-201206-AUG-201209-AUG-201229,50,96,335ADDRESS CHANGE20,45,29,838(69.31)20,44,85,873(99.98)20,44,76,775(100.00)PASSEDNOTICERESULT
MEMORANDUM & ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION20,45,29,808(69.31)20,44,93,408(99.98)20,44,84,789(100.00)PASSED
MEMORANDUM & ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION20,45,29,858(69.31)20,44,85,993(99.98)20,44,75,564(99.99)PASSED
16-FEB-200920-FEB-200913-APR-200916-APR-200929,50,96,335MEMORANDUM & ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION14,26,93,534(48.35)14,26,93,534(100.00)14,26,93,534(100.00)PASSEDNOTICERESULT